Launch of news

We are pleased to announce the launch of our News and Articles blog page today. The purpose of this page is to present information that may be of general interest to the world of cleanrooms and articles about our company that may also be of interest to clients or prospective clients.

We will not be very prolific in our publication of articles, because we believe in Quality over Quantity and we will only publish articles that may potentially add value to the cleanroom community and our clients. For the moment (at least) we will not open the news and articles to public comment on our website, but articles will be pushed to our Twitter where comments can be left.

The articles published will focus mainly on types of cleanrooms (modular cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms, pharmaceutical cleanrooms), cleanroom construction, trade shows, or other news articles from the cleanroom community.

We also may use the news and articles section to showcase new products like cleanroom furniture, air-handling technology and other advances in cleanroom design and construction.

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