From their beginnings in 1985, NGS have always been a progressive company with a firm focus on the future. A family business that was initially formed to manufacture welded wire mesh products and mechanical screens. In the early 2000’s NGS built a very strong engineering team and started to focus on workplace solutions designed to improve efficiencies in material handling and assembly line improvements (with high profile clients like Dell Computers in Limerick). In 2012, there was a decision to expand the operation into cleanroom construction and the company NGS Cleanroom-Solutions was formed.

Successful cleanroom division

In the following years, NGS have developed a very successful clean room division specialising in the design, specification and construction of modular clean roomspharmaceutical grade cleanrooms (or pharma cleanrooms) and other controlled environments suitable for a wide range industries and sectors. NGS Cleanroom Solutions has always worked with experienced partner vendors and professionals, to successfully create world class clean room solutions for industry in Ireland and the UK.

NGS have developed a very successful cleanroom division

In 2011, NGS Cleanroom Solutions was incorporated in the UK and an office was opened in Coventry to provide cleanroom solutions and services to UK clients. Our presence in the United Kingdom has allowed us to expand our cleanroom offerings to clients throughout the UK and Europe.

The combination of clean room design and specification, manufacture and installation, fit-out and validation has enabled NGS to offer complete turn-key clean room solutions. Our turn-key solutions include the full design and specification, complete civil works, HVAC and air-conditioning systems, mechanical and electrical requirements, flooring and internal fit-out and the capability to build customised furniture and stainless steel fabrications to meet our clients most stringent requirements.

One-stop cleanroom solutions for Clients in the UK or in Ireland

Many customers need to move raw materials and finished products in and out of clean rooms efficiently and easily. NGS has proven experience in this area from work on material flow and material handling solutions and can offer the complete design, manufacture and installation of interlocks, pass-through systems, advanced conveyors solutions and automated systems including pick and place robotics. This capability has the added advantage for the client of ensuring that the solutions are properly integrated and planned in to the cleanroom project from the start. This complete one-stop solution cannot be offered by any other clean room vendor in Ireland or the United Kingdom.

This complete one-stop solution cannot be offered by other clean room vendors in the UK or in Ireland

NGS Cleanroom Solutions clients include small businesses and multinational businesses from a wide range of industries including Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Food and Beverage. In addition to business sectors, we have completed projects for Universities and for Government bodies. NGS Cleanroom Solutions have been awarded and have completed a number of large and high profile cleanroom projects throughout Europe, the UK and Ireland and have become a leading and trusted supplier of Cleanrooms throughout the EU.

The leading and trusted supplier of Cleanrooms throughout the EU

If you would like more information on our projects, please visit the projects section of our website or contact us through [email protected].

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