As a leading supplier of modular cleanroom systems, NGS Cleanroom Solutions offers high quality modular wall cleanrooms to meet our clients’ particular cleanroom requirements. In addition to modular cleanrooms, we also offer Pharmaceutical (or Pharma) wall cleanroom systems for high-end, top of the range cleanroom design and manufacture requirements.

Our Modular Cleanrooms are designed and installed to achieve the stringent requirements of clean room operation and can be validated to meet the EU and ISO standards described for clean-room performance.

Modular Wall Cleanrooms consist of  factory pre-fabricated hard walls that can be tailored and assembled in combination with existing building walls to meet the clients exact specifications. These cleanrooms can be constructed and assembled in a fraction of the time needed for conventional cleanroom construction, thereby reducing any operation down-time.  These modular hard-wall cleanrooms are assembled by NGS Cleanroom-Solutions to meet the standards for cleanroom design and construction.

The NGS modular wall system by Octanorm consists of aluminium extrusions, composite panels and window glazing using a patented locking system. These totally customisable solutions have many uses such as complete clean rooms, mini-environments and room-in-room units. As all client requirements are bespoke, we design and build the solution to the exact request defined by the client. This enables our customer to have complete flexibility with a future proof system and all components are infinitely reusable. Future changes and additions to the cleanroom structure or to the layout of the clean-room can easily be accommodated at any time in the future to ensure that the cleanroom remains up-to-date and can expand as the clients requirements change.

In consultation with our clients, NGS Cleanroom Solutions are committed to provide a custom modular cleanroom design that meets our clients’ industry-specific needs and the stringent cleanroom standards required by the particular industry.

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