A brief introduction to NGS Cleanroom-Solutions Ireland and the UK


Pharmaceutical (or Pharma) wall cleanroom systems are designed to meet the most stringent medical standards and requirements.

Our pharma-wall cleanroom system uses the NGS Pharma Panel which is a mono-block bonded and insulated panel system. These systems meets FM regulations, are fireproof and are fully certified for Pharmaceutical cleanroom systems.

The NGS Pharma Panel is a mono-block bonded and insulated panel system that can meet the most stringent of cleanroom specifications.

The panels are manufactured from top of the range materials and are precision engineered to ensure flush joints between panels. Panels can finished with a pharmaceutical grade anti-microbial UPVC coating, an anti-static laminate or an aluminium powder coating. Windows and doors are semi-flush, minimising surfaces for dust contamination.

The NGS Pharma Panel system can interface typical cleanroom services like breakout panels and transfer hatches and is ideally integrated with the NGS cleanroom ceiling system.

The NGS Pharma panel system is easy to clean and maintain and meet the requirements of EN ISO14644 ISO 6  standard and above. This system when installed with the NGS custom coving and semi-flush windows and doors gives a fully certified clean room system which meets and exceeds the standards required for pharmaceutical, healthcare and anti-bacterial applications.

NGS Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms can be used to meet a wide range of cleanroom requirements like:

  • High Specification Cleanroom Solutions (Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare Industries)
  • Anti-Static Cleanroom Solutions (Aerospace and Automotive Industries)
  • Other customised solutions (Research, Biotechnology, Medical instruments etc.)

Wall finishes include:

  • Polyester
  • Anti-microbial uPVC
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium Powder Coat
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Primer
  • Anti-static laminate
Inside a Pharma-Cleanroom

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