Highland Spring

by | Jan 10, 2012

Project: Highland Spring (Smoother Spirits).
Location: Glenlivet, Scotland.
Cleanroom: Class 10,000

Project Scope

Whiskey connoisseurs recommend a small drop of “local” water to release the full flavour of high quality scotch whiskeys. For this purpose a company called Smoother Spirits commissioned the Speyside Glenlivet bottling facility in the Highland Spring Group to produce a 50ml bottle of water for this purpose. To do this, the bottling plant had to install a small Cleanroom within which the filling of the bottle takes place to ensure the environment is clean and has a laminar air flow provided by ceiling integrated fan filter HEPA units.

NGS Cleanroom Solutions installed this unit in the plant in Ballindalloch near Inverness in 2012 and was manufactured using our Octanorm Cleanroom system and ceiling integrated lighting and FFU’s.

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