The NGS Cleanroom grid ceiling system features an anodised aluminium ceiling grid with a unique patented locking system and can be supplied with the option of metal pan or honeycomb in-fill tiles which are secured into the grid with a spring steel clip.

The grid is totally customisable and can be provided in any X&Y raster to suit the mounting of items such as luminaires, fan filter units or terminal end boxes. The system is certified for cleanroom use to ISO Class 4 (FED290 Class 10) by the Fraunhofer testing laboratory and it can be adapted to be fully walkable.

NGS manufacture the complete system in house in our state of the art fabrication facility in Shannon. The NGS installation team then complete the installation wherever the project is and over the past 12 years we have completed many installations throughout Europe, USA and Middle East.

NGS Cleanroom Grid Ceiling
Cleanroom ceiling - the end product

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