In addition to the design and installation of Modular Cleanrooms and Pharma-Wall Cleanrooms, NGS also fabricate bespoke cleanroom furniture in their Shannon Facility. The furniture is designed, fabricated and super finished by NGS based on the clients’ needs. Cleanroom furniture includes shelf units, benching, trolleys and step-over solutions. The photos show some furniture manufactured by NGS Engineering for a recent cleanroom installation in Ireland.

When space is at a premium in a cleanroom NGS can develop custom solutions for you that work within the space available where catalogue items may not utilize the cleanroom space most efficiently. The NGS design team are available to assist you with any cleanroom furniture or process equipment requirements you may have. Contact NGS for more information.

Bespoke Cleanroom Furniture - Stainless Steel Shelving
Bespoke Cleanroom Furniture - Modular Cleanroom

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